Andreea Drăgan

DRĂGAN ANDREEA (n. 1995) is an actress and a University of Arts Târgu-Mures graduate in Art of Acting. In 2017 she graduates the Bachelor studies in Acting, having Monica Ristea and Elena Purea as professors. Two years later, she graduates the Masters program, and since then, she is a part of 3G HUB Association’s team.

The time spent during the Masters program brings her the opportunity to work with four directors, creating productions such as: When Love is Missing (2017), directed by Ioan Ardelean, Coming of stAge (2018), directed by Radu Apostol, Expiry Date (2018), directed by Gavril Cadariu and The Sense of an Ending (2019), directed by Adi Iclenzan. 

One of the final Bachelor Graduate productions, Mede/Ea or About Domestic Happiness was turned into a standalone performance and represented the University in national and international tours and festivals. Since 2019, the performance made a transition from the University of Arts to 3G HUB, where it is still playing to this day.

Beside theatre Andreea is also passionate about dance and music. Currently, she is working to perfect these two in order to become a „fully-equipped” actress.

 The encounters with people, texts, characters and working methods, all contributed to her baggage of knowledge and experience helping her to grow more as a human and an artist.