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Artistic independence also brings with it financial independence. Every ticket sold in the theater helps pay for its upkeep, but sometimes that’s not enough.

You can support us using:

Bank Transfer

Asociația Teatru 3g

Income Tax Redirection

The form is a method by which anyone can redirect 3.5% of their annual tax to an NGO. This means that that amount will no longer reach the state budget, but will be directed to the NGO's account.

Company Tax Direction

From any income, the state taxes 16%. Of these, 20% can be directed to a nonprofit organization. The money no longer all goes to the state, but helps an NGO to financially support its activity.


Through your support, we ensure our continuity and activity in the independent cultural space.

All proceeds from donations ensure the financial stability of our activity. The money is used for space expenses, but also in investing in 3g HUB projects.

Every financial support gives us the chance to continue and motivate our activity. If the price of a theater ticket is not enough and you want to continue supporting us, every donation counts.

Thank you !!!