Event Elise Wilk | Ándi Gherghe

What Happened on a Thursday

What Happened on a Thursday is a story about people as they are: with their normality and strangeness, with their obsessions and unhappiness.

Event Elise Wilk / Theo Marton

Desperate Signals Towards Pluto

A performance about how we bury some things deep in our being. About the strategies we use to ignore the reality. About the fear of loneliness.

Event Székely Csaba / Ándi Gherghe

Do you like bananas, comrades?

A simple story about a not so simple life. We are placed in Ceausescu’s Romania, where everybody is afraid, suspicious, and starving, except for our story-teller, Robert.

Event Ándi Gherghe / Olga Macrinici

Gen EU

A performance about us. A performance that is relevant, explores the problems of young people in today’s society and the way they relate to the reality that’s around them.

Event Roxana Marian / Monica Ristea

Mede/Ea or About domestic happiness

The word happiness shines in the background, a choir of eight beautiful women, representation of the ideal women, sexy and confident, childish and fatal, the alive representation of the word that sparkles in the background, share with us their shiny vision about happiness.

Event Székely Csaba / Ándi Gherghe

Michael the Brave

Michael the Brave tells the story of the rising and the fall of a hero. The story of the thirst of power, of tyranny, of friendship and betrayal. The performance is a statement against political feuds and against the way that we write and rewrite our history, such as past century events, or recent events. […]

Event Alexa Băcanu / Leta Popescu


Three women and a man meet on the same day that they are getting married. The wedding becomes a major event, but not in a conventional way. What can happen to a party where none of them feel in the seventh heaven? Neverland follows the four characters in the most important moments of their lives, […]

Event Székely Csaba / Ándi Gherghe


Joy and happiness speaks about a sensitive matter; the situation of the gay community in Transilvania. But in fact, this subject is not at all sensitive, because the society accepts homosexuals. All they have to do is to not express it and shut up about it. And pretend they’re something else, something they’re not. This […]

Event Elise Wilk / Ándi Gherghe


Bobi Busuioc is a fictitious character. Some of the facts happened somewhere, sometime, in Romania. Others can probably happen.