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A performance about us. A performance that is relevant, explores the problems of young people in today’s society and the way they relate to the reality that’s around them. In the summer of 2017, 3G organized a call for short theatre plays on a specific theme that is urgent to talk about in our society. The theme of the first edition of the contest was Young people in our society, and the six plays that were elected by the jury were:

  • What if I was an antelope by Antonia Petra Binder (Brasov)
  • Dad always hit the face by Alexandra Felseghi (Cluj-Napoca)
  • Monday by Iustina Cornelia Iordache (Timisoara)
  • I – AlIen by Vero Nica (Bucuresti)
  • Body Crime by Ioana Sileanu (Constanta)
  • Beyond by Elise Wilk (Brasov)

Play by Antonia Petra Binder, Alexandra Felseghi, Iustina Cornelia Iordache, Vero Nica, Ioana Sileanu, Elise Wilk

Cast: Anca Loghin, Laura Mihalache, Luchian Pantea, Loredana Dascălu, Carmen Ghiurco, Radu Anastas


Direction: Ándi Gherghe and Olga Macrinici

Opening date: 13 noiembrie 2017

Length: 1h 30 min.

Language: romanian with subtitles in hungarian

Producer:  3G and National Theatre of Targu Mures

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