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3g.recap – 2021

We hope you had beautiful  holidays and wish you a new year with even more resilience!
Thanks to those who have been with us, online and / or offline 🙂
When we think of the year 2021, we really have a reason to smile – we have managed to complete everything we set out to do and we are confident that we will be able to do the same with the projects we are preparing for you (and for us) in 2022.
Before we do the recap, we must say that the best thing that happened in 2021, for 3g HUB, was the coagulation of a new team – we have new colleagues, with enthusiasm, desire to work and openness to the artistic experiment.
Before we find out what the ’20s of this century have in store for us, let’s play a puzzle of the previous year:
🧩 FORMA 2: Conceived as an atypical edition for the times we live in, FORMA 2 took place under the slogan “Cultural Local!”, focusing on the celebration of artists and people of culture who enriched the city of Târgu Mureș through their activity.
Period of development: 15 – 31 Jan 2021
The project was carried out with the support of the Ministry of Culture, within the National Culture Days program.
🧩 Metamorfoze 3: one of our annual projects through which we want to bring art into the public space. The 10 works carried out last autumn brought to the fore some of the most outstanding personalities for the Târgu Mureș community. Each portrait is “accompanied” by a video that can be accessed by simply “reading” the work with your mobile phone. (Via the Artivive App).
Period of development: 09 August – 15 December 2021
The project was carried out with the support of Târgu Mureș City Hall – Marosvásárhely Polgármesteri Hivatala through the annual cultural project competition.
🧩 Work-in-progress 2: a creative camp based on experimentation and the need to search for a new artistic language for today’s times:
🎭 The Cat Empire by Alex Tocilescu – an online show directed by Adi Iclenzan, based on the volume “The Cat Empire” by Alex Tocilescu.
🎬 “REUNIUNEA” – a short film resulting from a series of workshops: screenwriting, coordinated by Elise Wilk, and a film acting workshop, coordinated by Mihaela Sirbu. The film is directed by Andi Gherghe.
Period of development: 09 August – 15 December 2021
The project was carried out with the support of Târgu Mureș Municipality through the annual competition of cultural projects.
🧩 Romanian / Hungarian language for fine people: two digital textbooks for learning Romanian and Hungarian. Last year I published 7 lessons and an appendix with grammar explanations – can be accessed for free on the site
This year we will publish 7 new lessons for each textbook.
The textbooks were developed with the support of Reea, in partnership with Republic Production and
🧩 3g Library: An initiative to bring the visitors of the Târgu Mureș Fortress closer to literature. The library is located in the open space, near the Butchers’ Bastion and operates on the basis of a regulation in four simple steps: Borrow; Read; Return it; Donate a book.
In addition to its own projects, 3g HUB was open to collaborations, either through the space offered to other organizations, or by participating as partners / collaborators in the projects of other organizations:
🎧 OWPN: The first free academy for emotional and vocational education in electronic music in Europe, coordinated by DJ SHIVER. (The courses took place at 3g HUB between September 25 and November 5, 2021);
🎭 Asociația Teatru Pentru Tine of Timișoara:
🎙 Cuib Molcuț – Audio Thetre
💻 Luptători pentru singurătate – WebTheatre
🌃 Museum Night 2021: We joined the museum marathon in Târgu Mureș with two events: “DROPScenes”, a painting exhibition signed by Teona Toderel, respectively “RELATIVE”, an interactive multimedia installation signed by NoiseLOOP. (12 June 2021)
🎖 Asociația facem:
🎺 Music in the Perimeter – Concert Luiza Zan & Jazzpar Trio; an event that highlights local history and heritage through live music concerts. (17 september 2021)
🎭 Theater in front of the block – 3g HUB hosted one of the performances of the show “Scapino”, Directed by Cristi Bojan. (28 september 2021)
🎭CorpFluid” – Performing concert hosted by 3g HUB (4 Juny 2021)
🎭 Aniversarea 75 – hosting parts of the Anniversary activities (28 iunie – 4 iulie 2021)
🎭 Studio International Theatre Festival – hosting shows and activities within the festival. (29 noiembrie – 4 decembrie 2021)
🎭 3g HUB during the year he also hosted a series of exams for the Master’s class – The Art of the Director, coordinated by Theodor-Cristian Popescu.
🎤 Gentiana & StereoTonic – Miracle of Love (2021) – video filmed at 3g HUB.
♟ Magic: The Gathering – boardgaming activities carried out during the past year.
⚽ MuresSide Reds: hosting meetings of the Liverpool FC local football team.
🎤 Vama: local collaborators in the Unconventional tournament.
🎉 AWAKE: platform hosting Feed Your Mind – AWAKE from this year’s edition of the festival.
🎞 hosting movie screenings
🎭 hosting theater performances
🎭 Trupa Funkers:
🌅 show during the Târgumureș Days
🤹‍♂️ charity show for the orphanage in Sâncraiul de Mureș
🤹‍♂️ show at the festival Desculț în Iarbă
🤹‍♂️ show during the event ”Zacusca de artă”
🤹‍♂️ show at AWAKE Festival
🤹‍♂️ participation in the Festival #ImproComedyFest from Oradea
🤹‍♂️ show during the 1 year anniversary event of Shopping City Targu Mures