Work in Progress (WiP)

Have you ever thought about making a movie, but didn’t know where to start from?

Do you dream about creating your original video content?

Work in Progress (WiP) is everything you need to know for making a great low-budget short movie. How to write the plot, how to find and create characters, how to find the best places to shoot your story, how to work with actors and so on – everything in a practical workshop.


Julien Javion is the founder of Maison Des Acteurs, he leads workshops dedicated for actors to learn how to play in a film and by the time he also runs his career as a film director and actor. Among the productions in which he was involved we mention: “States of Romania” (actor, 2009/2010), “Unlucky” (actor, 2017) – film awarded with the Audience Award at Gala Gopo 2018, being the first Romanian independent film integrated on Netflix, and “Tout va trop vite” (actor and director, 2018) – BEST FILM 2018 – 48HFP – Orlando USA International Selection and Award for Best Male Performance, at the same festival.

“I got into the film industry while I was in the conservatory, where I met a guy who was looking for actors for his short film.This was in France, while I was living in Clermont-Ferrand, a city known for the biggest short film festival in the world. This festival is organised for creators, who want to sell their short films. It has a selection part which allows any country to participate.”

Work in Progress. „Basically, it’s easy to make a short film, if you also have the will to do the work”


Coordonator: Julien Javions

Sponsors & Parters: REEA, Restaurant CEZAR, The Office Club, GRAND HOTEL

Work in Progress, powered by Reea and co-financed by Târgu Mureș City Hall.

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